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Pap Most Wins By A Two Year Old Trotter In 2009.


By G.M.Jones for illiniharnessracing



I wonder if Willie Jones (a Mississippi native) who has been attending the Illinois sales, buying yearlings, and racing in Illinois (Mostly in fairs) ever since I can remember, knew exactly what he purchased? When he placed the final and winning bid ($1,300) on hip #6 Adele’s Goal at the 2008 Illini Yearling Sale; a High Falls gelding out of the Noble Jade mare Adele’s Jade.


Do you think he knew that this gelding would go on to win four of his first five races, then go on to win the Darn Safe and the American National? Do you think he knew that he would be the winnings two year old of 2009 with 15 wins?   Probably not, because if he did I guaranteed you he would have never sold him. But how can some tell what is going to happen a month or two down the road? If someone could, I guarantee you breeder Mary Lee Jeffers would have kept him too instead of selling him for $1,300. So you can’t blame him for reselling him for a profit.    


To Willie’s defense let’s make it clear that the name off this game is to make a profit, if you’re treating this as a business, and not falling in love like some do with their purchases (investments). Willie has bought and trained down plenty of yearlings in the past and later went on to resell them for profits, so he has treated this like a business all along.  Some of those colts have gone on to make their new connections profits while others haven’t, but that’s part of the game that’s involved when buying and selling horses.     


Some know that while purchasing a yearling owners are taking a big gamble; it’s kind of like playing craps at a casino.  There are just too many things that can go wrong but the rewards will always be incredibly good if you get lucky.  Getting that stakes colt is like one of those lifetime rolls that last two hours, a roll that everybody dreams about that are few and far in between while playing craps, and stake colts are no different.  But there is some skill when it comes to purchasing yearlings; you have to know what you are looking at while inspecting them. You have to make some right decisions…At the crap table if you walk up to the crap table and see the shooter is intoxicated would you place a pass line bet? I know I wouldn’t, and I know Leo Grummel wouldn’t bet on him either.  So in order to be successful at the crap table and in harness racing you have to put the odds in your favor, so when you are purchasing yearlings your better know what you are doing. If not… trust me you will crap out and go busted.  So if a colt does not have perfect conformation would you buy him? (I’m not saying that Adele’s Goal didn’t have perfect confirmation, since I don’t know) But if the Colt comes out in the small size would you gamble on him? When purchasing a yearling, it’s not like a craps game here; there’s no beginners luck involved.  It’s not like at the crap table where you see the 21 year old college kid or the good looking girl that grab the dice and roll for 45 minute without knowing what he or she is doing. Purchasing yearlings is an art and a skill, if you don’t believe me just ask some top Illinois horsemen like Tom Simmons, Erv Miller and others who spend all year looking at yearlings and inspecting them while trying to put the odds on there favor before purchasing them and trying to make them their next superstar.


Here’s how it started for Adele’s Goal.  It was off to Mississippi for him after the Illini Sale with his new owner (Willie Jones) as he would do some of his final prepping there before he would return to Illinois for his freshmen racing season. Adele’s Goal appeared at the first fair of the year at the Clark county fair in Marshall on June 9th but not with a couple changes now he was listed on the program as Run And Tell Pap, and he was owned by World Class Racing LLC (Roshun Trigg and Edward Thomas), and James Collier.


The freshman season (crap game) could get underway now. In his first roll Pap throws a ten a very hard number to make while playing craps (as he made a break at the start), but he recovered nicely by rolling a hard ten for his connections and winning his first lifetime start in 2:19.2 and showing some ability. After throwing four more winning points in four of his first five lifetimes starts Illinois regulars Leo Grummel from Carrollton offered the Mississippi boys a price that they couldn’t refuse for Run And Tell Pap. As Curt was quoted as saying “we bought him privately for our owner Patrick Graham” Curt (son of Leo Grummel) assists his dad with the training of all the horses in his dads care. “We bought Pap looking to buy a good horse for the fairs.”


After a couple starts at the county fairs the Grummels ventured off to race their gelding at Du Quoin, where Pap continue to roll yet another seven and trotted to a lifetime best in 1:55.4; winning the Darn Safe. Now “Pap” was not just a county fair horse anymore but a Du Quoin Fair Champion.  More than what was ever expected from him by all three of his owners including the Grahams.


Building his bankroll high enough after winning 12 of 15 races at the fairs, Pap would venture to the big city and take his connections to Balmoral Park to compete in the American National Stakes. Run And Tell Pap (Mike Cox) would run into Keystone Bernard (Mike LaChance) and Wishing Stone (John Campbell) who were the high rollers in town, the little gelding that had cost only 1,300 dollars was on a roll of a lifetime, but he had to deal with the big boys; but that didn’t scare him or his connections who were delt the biggest and toughest test of his young trotters career.


In the American National driver Mike Cox rushed Pap out of the gate and when several horses made some early breaks it landed him on the lead. The big boys raised the limit, and booked Pap’s bet while racing down the backside, but when you have two high rollers in town sometimes they don’t worry about nobody else besides themselves as they booked each others bets to the three quarters.  At the end Run And Tell Pap busted the crap game by rolling another winning point and winning race thirteen on the year(The American National) in 1:57.2. A very excited Mike Cox said in the winners circle after the victory “He may have been a $1,300 yearling but he doesn’t know it and he just doesn’t want to get beat.”


Off to Lexington, Ky after that victory and again two more front line winners by getting two more victories in late closers at the Red Mile. With those victories Curt was quoted as saying “He really surprised us, He’s an average looking horse and kind of in the small side, but when we let out his trotting hobbles he got faster and he just doesn’t make too many mistakes.”


Run And Tell Pap ended his freshmen season by finally rolling snake eyes and crapping out (making a break) in the Cardinal at Balmoral Park on October 27.  As Curt Grummel said maybe it was the long season, or maybe he was going through a growth spurt, or maybe just getting a little sore which is all normal.


What Run And Tell Pap is…Is the winnings Two Year Old of 2009 with 15 wins. So boys you better be ready for another dice game this year as Pap will raise his limit and try some good horses in 2010.



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