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Maywood Stewards Make Accurate Calls.

By J.C.Trevino


At least on one occasion throughout a day or night horse bettors and horsemen witness the INQUIRY sign go up during the racing card at their local racetracks. And this past Friday (April 23) was no different at Maywood Park as Stewards (John Eddy, Michael Corley and Ben Wessels) had to make three judgment calls throughout the evening.


Were they accurate calls?


Some may think they were others may not. To some it may seem that nine out of ten occasions the incorrect calls are usually made.  We all known that’s a lofty number; nevertheless it just seems like that when a call goes against us. What we have to bear in mind is that Stewards have to cooperate by the rule book and make their decisions in an un-bias matter. Truthfully in all reality most of the calls they make are right on the money,whether we like them or not.


Bettors and Horsemen continuously seem to memorize all the horrifying calls made by the stewards-- that go against them. On the other hand by no means do they keep in mind all the good calls made by the stewards-- that go in there favor. That’s just a common personality that they have and what they expect.


What we have to consider is that it’s a fact that human beings remember more unconstructive things then constructive things that happen in their lives and it’s no different with gamblers and horsemen. They tend to memorize each and every one of the appalling things that occur to them--the tough beats--the photo finishes they loose--the horse that gets disqualified—etc, etc, etc.


And what is worse then winning a bet or a race and getting DQ?  (Nothing, especially if you think you were not in fault)


In a situation when a judgment call has to be made by the stewards and they decide to make NO CHANGE nothing is said, as a matter of fact celebrations break out-- if the call benefits them.  However, when a change has to be made as they say “all hell breaks loose”, they start yelling plus blabbering. They constantly think no way was there interference or anything else that didn’t go by the regulations. Everybody who gets taken down, owners, trainers, drivers, and gamblers promptly get the reaction they were embittered-- they go as far as using profanity to any other childish behavior you can think of like name calling--the three blind mice--the three little piggy’s --the three stooges just to name a few.


On Friday the first two calls of three were pretty understandable, the first coming in race two and the second coming in race ten however in race eleven it was a different story.


In race two the inquiry sign went down quicker then it went up as it was obvious that Startrix Gram (Todd Warren) broke stride and didn’t comply with the breaking rule-- losing ground while on a break.  It was a no brainer and was disqualified from first and placed second behind Park Place Grace (Del Chupp).


In race ten patrons were surprised when the Inquiry sign went up after MM West (Leroy Miller) went gate to wire. Consequently when his number started flashing the punters were shocked. I over heard some say “What Now?”  Although after watching the head on replay it was apparent that just past the three quarters Miller and his charge went inside a pylon. Accordingly with him being lapped on at the wire the accurate call was made to place him behind Pembroke Blast (Todd Warren).


Now in race eleven is when “all hell broke loose”, immediately past the half furthermore by the five eights Cole Blue (Bobby Smolin) bolted the turn as the green filly tried to pull herself up, forcing both Delta Dawson (Mike Oosting) & Makena Cat (Dale Hiteman) to drift out a lane, plus gave Fox Valley Naomi (Brian Carpenter) a chance to take the rail. Following some encouragement Smolin was able to get the sulking filly back on course and win the stake race. Nevertheless a ten minute plus Inquiry lasted that resulted in a disqualification of Cole Blue from first to fourth for interfering with Fox Valley Naomi who finished fourth.  Now in this incidence the tape was rolled back more then once, along with views from diverse angles, and it was explained that the winner had interfered with the fourth place finisher when she got back on course.  A tough call made by the stewards for many different reasons.


Now, some may not like the outcome of these inquiries even so they were right plus they were accurate.  




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