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Old boys and girls still holding their own at 10 and older.


When most standardbreds are either retired from racing or else are working on manufacturing the next generation of pacing or trotting racehorses, there's a few that are still around battling in the racing wars. When they reach the age of 15 they are forced into retirement from racing by the rules set by the USTA-- whether they like it or not.


Most recently Claudius Q was forced into retirement after a very successful campaign at the age of 14. Another Chicago favorite that was forced into retirement at 15 in the mid 90’s also after a successful campaign at 14 was a New Zealand import Vance Lobell N.


Typically the younger colts and fillies are the ones that are more triumphant then the older ones, there are occasions when the old guys and gals can still educate the modest ones on a thing or two.  Right now as we speak there are a few pacers that have been educating their younger foes.


After capturing a race at the Meadowlands (Jan 22nd) the Nelson Willis trained Abouttolosecontrol has returned to win two races in a row in the Midwest. His first victory at Balmoral Park (March 20th) and the second at Hoosier Park (March 27th) giving him 3 wins on the year at the age of 11, and boosting his win total to 41 in his long career.  Now that’s an excellent example of an old guy educating his younger foes.


From the Mike Oosting barn we have two four thousand dollar claimers in twelve year old Marty Dot Com, and ten year old Artiovacular who both have won two races in a row. Marty Dot Com the winner of 23 races out of 99 lifetime starts has returned to win twice on March 21st & 27th  both at the Crete oval in spectacular times--1:54 & 1:55.1/5, while pushing his bankroll to 136.000 dollars. Artiovacular making his second and third starts of the year on March 20th & March 27th won races 32 and 33 of his career as well as pushing his bankroll to over 248,000 dollars... Two great examples of the old guys holding there own against there younger foes.


Misael Garcia is the proud owner of Samstorm-- the eleven year old son of Nobleland Sam who has visited the winners circle on four different occasions so far this year-- with most recently winning this past Sunday. Samstorm who has been campaigned all over the Midwest by a lot of different trainers and owners nevertheless for now he is being conditioned by Jose Morales and has a total of 39 lifetime wins.


Ten Year old Marty Marty Marty has reached the winners circle on 42 different occasions during his career, banking over 254,000, and taking a lifetime best of 1:53.2/5 ( over the Maywood strip). This year the pacer has reached the winner circle on two different occasions once on February 12th and the other on March 5that Maywood Park.  The gelded son of Sealed N Delivered is being trained by Karl Williams for David Williams.


It’s really rare to see a ten year old mare still competing at the racing wars, but to see one winning is really an oddity.  Larry and Christopher Banks, Cripplecreek Trixi has relied off two wins in a row for them when sporting victories on March 18th & 25th.  Winning at the odd distance of ¾ mile and then winning a week later at the common distance of a mile.  Cripplecreek Trixi has boosted her win total to 18 and pushed her earning over the 100,000 dollar mark from 125 starts.


Australian import Ndizani A at age ten has one win on the year for owners Bell Valley Farms and trainer Bill McEnery.  On February 19th Ndizani A went wire to wire giving him win number 28 in his career that stretches over two cotenants and four countries. Jeremy Moon (11) & Diamond Legacy (10) also have one win each on the year for there connections-- Jill Arnold and Albert Kopiec


Others that have competed in the Chicago circuit that are at least ten years old, nevertheless have still not reached the winners circle include.

·        All My Style N,  11, Jill Arnold

·        Miller Twelvepack, 11, Del Chupp

·        Bon Eire’s Squire, 12 Robert Mohr—Joe Barnes

·        Zabaco, 10, Jon Sheldon

·        Four Starzzz JL, 10 Dee Cozzi

·        Recking Ball, 12, Duncan Price

·        Playing With Fire, 12, Bruce Pacitti

·        Royce Raider,10 Jim Scholz—Jim Musick

·        Cold Sweat,10, Bob Phillips .  .


Now will some of these warriors be around when they are obligated into retirement at age 15? Only time will tell, however from what it looks like they are here to stay for now...

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