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Let The Claiming Begin.

By Illiniharnessracing



One of the most annoying things a trainer or owner can witness on an overnight is a horse show up that has trodden them for the last two or three starts. Some trainers are recognized as Stuffing Kings, and if nobody claims their horse they will continue to stuff them week in and week out without moving them up, and continue to trodden others.  But every now and then other trainers have enough, and one option is to claim one's horse to stop them from stuffing and trodden them


When claiming a horse it can be a very chancy move but it also can be a very gratifying move. I have witnessed connections claim a horse like Color Me Best for $33,000 and go on to win over 1.4 Million dollars, at the same time I also have witnessed connections claim a horse for $100,000 and essentially have to give him away. So just like someone can get lucky, they can also get unfortunate when playing the claiming game.


There’s more then just depositing the funds in your account, filling the claim slip, and dropping the claim. There’s a lot more then that--- if you want to be successful at it.  There is so much information you can acquire from watching the races live, getting on different websites and looking up information that you think you need. Lifetime past performance, breeding information, or stats for the connections you’re claiming from,will defiantly help you to be successful, and if that isn’t enough you could always watch them warm up or even get a close up look before dropping the claim. Just don’t fail to remember to drop the claim 30 minutes before the scheduled post time devoid of any mistakes. So like they say let the claiming begin.     


In Illinois there has been a overall of eight claims, a total of three off trainer Kimberley Roth, and one off an additional five trainers (Todd Warren, Bill McEnery, Brenda Romania, Perry Smith, and Homer Hochstetler) since racing resumed on January 27.   


The primary claim came on January 30 at Balmoral at what time trainer Guy Calvert dropped 4000 to assert Little More Ram from owner Rick Dane Jr and trainer Kimberley Roth. Calvert has had no fortune since claiming Little More Ram racing him four times-- two times for six thousand -- two times for four thousand. But he is showing some reside since returning to his 4000 claiming price.


The next two claims were at Maywood on February 5 & 12 when trainer Deena Cozzi claimed JD’s Personalstatis for $4000 for owner Pete Procopi from trainer/ owner Todd Warren and his associate Wilson Racing Inc on the fifth. James Suba united with his trainer Dale Wade on the twelfth when they put up 3000 each to acquire Landmark Hall from the Bell Valley Farms and Bill McEnery. Jd’s Personalstatis came back a week after he was claimed to recompense his connections with a powerful victory for six thousand, he then raced the next two weeks for eight claimers with a forth and second place check. Landmark \Hall has not raced for his new connections but is entered on Friday in race 10.


 The rest of the claims(5) were dropped at Balmoral Park. Mike Etter was the first when he put up $12,000 to maintain CR Shaghai for his trainer Kathy Millman on February 20 from owners Arthur and Sharon Barsella and their trainer Brenda Romania. On Saturday a quick $1,950 was refunded to them when Cr Shaghai won his first start for his new connections.


On Wednesday February 24 Temperment rejoined owner/trainer Gary Kreischer barn after a three months absentee, since being claimed from him on November 22 by trainer Perry Smith and his partners B&C Racing Stables. Kreischer reacquired Temperment back for 10,000, a total of 2000 less then what he lost her for. She's in to go on Wednesday at Balmoral.


The claim box was full of activity on Saturday night when three horses were claimed two from trainer Kimberly Roth and one from Homer Hochstetler. Individually Apache Jake and Crazy Dan were claimed for 4000 from the Roth barn when Gerald Longo acquired Apache Jake for himself, and Kathy Millman claimed Crazy Dan for Mike Etter. After two powerful victories O’Toole Racing and Bruce Pacitti reached in and claimed Ice man Comet’h for 12,000 from owner Shirley Le Vin and trainer Homer Hochstetler.

The name of this game is to rotate your stock. Sometimes if you think someone is stuffing and
you can’t beat them, then you claim them. So let the claiming begin.

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