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Sutton Is In The Zone.

February 6, 2010



When you’re driving in twelve of the fourteen races on a Friday night—there’s a reason why—it’s because you’re in high demand. If you don’t believe me just take a look when the overnights come out on Mondays for Fridays—there are races where Josh Sutton has multiple calls –there are races where he has to choose between three or four horses. Why? I’ll tell you why.  When this guy gets on a roll he just doesn’t get on a roll he gets in the zone where he’s just unbeatable. And Friday was no different, as Sutton was able to win with half of his drives giving him six wins on the Friday night card.   


The night started with him knowing he was scheduled to drive some live drives, but he knew they were in the later races. Early on, in the first four races of the night he was scheduled to drive some outsiders (long shots). He was scheduled to drive Cole Combustion in the opener-- a horse that was off for over 30 days—Pan Of The Century--another horse that had raced flat last week—Onemagicalmoment--another horse that had been off for 30+ days, and a ten to one morning line outsider—Willing Heart--a thirty three to one long shot that had finished last in her most recent effort. So, Sutton knew going into those races it would be tough for him in the begging, but you never know you might just get lucky. And lucky is exactly what he almost got when the least one (Willing Heart) of those four almost shocked the betting public by only coming a half length short of a victory—that close victory is what got Sutton going, that’s what got him in the zone.


Finally in race five Sutton was down to drive Celebrity Best from the rail-- in a 6000 claimer—a class this horse has handled in the past. And sure enough Sutton and Celebrity Best turned the perfect pocket trip to a head victory. Race six saw Sutton notch his second victory of the night when he guided last week fastest winner in Snilloc Five to another gate to wire score. Now Josh was really starting to get in the zone, but unfortunately in race seven he drew the unlucky eight hole with Innovation—a horse that loves the front end—but because of his post position was raced off the pace--that change of tactics worked against them.Sutton quickly realized that in order to get a win on this cold evening you had to be up close.  


Knowing that the front end was the place to be, in race eight Josh rolled Bramblerose—a thirty two to one outsider-- only to get caught in the last sixteenth of the mile and finish a very good third. Races nine and ten were the only two races of the night that Sutton wasn’t competing in--this though gave him a chance for a little rest and a chance to look forward to the live drives he had in races eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen.


In races eleven, twelve, and fourteen Sutton guided home three odds on favorites in Go Tuffy, Kansas Wildcat, and TJ’S Bob C all in that order to victory--horses that look unbeatable in the past performance lines. But in race Thirteen Sutton pulled the minor upset with Park Place Grace, when he was able to upset the odds on favorite in Sporty Babe, helping him get the natural grand slam and six wins on the night.


Trust me Sutton is in the zone.