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                                     Illini Harness Racing/ News Article

Round Two of the Incredible Finale in the books

Thursday December 17,2009  by G. Leek for

When round two of the Incredible Finale pacing series for pacing colts shifted over to Balmoral Park from Maywood Park, four of the five first round winners (Fox Valley Nipper, Yiannoulas Boy, Incredible Rain, and One Chaser) were back competing in round two while Fitz’s Z Tam was not entered for round two. In this weeks action there were thirty three horses entered to race, six less then last weeks where thirty nine were entered to race at Maywood Park. 


In the first division their was a field of eight scheduled to get behind the starting gate but when KB’S ROCKY was scratched sick it left only seven starters. BRING THE RAIN (Mike Oosting/M. Brown) and HARMONY OAKS RENGO (Marcus Miller/ J. Butenschoen) were sharing favoritism while MM WEST (Leroy Miller/L. Miller), QUAIDIZILLA (Josh Sutton/R. Welch) was getting some support. The other three GRADUATION DAY (Andy Shelter/S Miller), ARIZONA MUD (Ronnie Gillespie/R. Gillespie), And GIMMESUMMO (Tyler Buter/H.Williams) were not getting any support at the betting windows because they looked like they were overmatched according to the betting public.


When the word go was given the only leaver was MM WEST as the rest of the field got away in post position order.  After an opening quarter in a very soft 29.2/5 it forced the hand of Mike Oosting with BRING THE RAIN as he moved to the lead to cut the rest of the mile.  A half in a minute gave Oosting and his charge the tactical advantage as they got their breather but were left to deal with the on coming rush of HARMONY OAKS RENGO as they raced towards three quarters. When they hit the three quarters in 129 1/5 the sprint had already begun between BRING THE RAIN and HARMONY OAKS RENGO but joining the two favorites into the mix was the Hosea Williams charge  GIMMESUMMO who was dismissed at thirty two to one by the betting public. Shooting to the passing lane was MM WEST while Josh Sutton was overloaded with pace while looking for racing room with QUAIDZILLA. As drivers were urging their horses to the wire at the end the John Butenschoen trained HARMONY OAKS RENGO would prevail in 158 1/5 over BRING THE PAIN by a head while a neck back in third was GIMMESUMMO, checking in fourth was MM WEST while Sutton never managed to find room with his charge QUAIDZILLA to finish a very unlucky fifth. Rounding out the field were GRADUATION DAY and ARIZONA MUD who were both out paced in the first division of round two.


In the second division a field of eight was again scheduled to race but again another of the Keith Liddicoats horses was scratched when KB’S TAYLOR was scratched sick, and again it only left a field of seven to compete for top honors in the second division.


From the rail out horses, driver, and trainer FRONTIER GENERAL(L.Miller/ B. Wilfong),  JITTERBUG JACK (M. Miller/S Miller), RUSH OF FOOLS (Da Magee/ J. Eaton ), TEXAS PLAYBOY (M. Oosting/ D.R. Hanna) , DOUBLE JACK( S. Widger/ D. Lee-Ozment),  FOX VALLEY NIPPER (J. Roberts/R. Welch),   GENCOR’S ZTAM (D.Chupp/E Boccia)


With TEXAS PLAYBOY and DOUBLE JACK both leaving for early position it left Leroy Miller no choice but to try to protect inside position with his charge FRONTIER GENERAL as they raced quickly to the opening quarter.  They reached the opening quarter in 28 2/5 but position were still unsettled even though FRONTIER GENERAL was two lengths off the battling leavers, that were still fighting for control of the front end but by the three eights driver Mike Oosting was able to put DOUBLE JACK and Sam Widger behind him.  When they past the half in 57 2/5 hall of famer Dave Magee was out and moving first over with RUSH OF FOOLS, while rating his charge first over to get closer they past three quarters 126 2/5. Magee had yet to ask his charge as he drew even with pace setter TEXAS PLAYBOY while Widger was looking for room with the Donna Lee-Ozment charge DOUBLE JACK, as Widger swung him three wide for the stretch drive off both TEXAS PLAYBOY and RUSH OF FOOLS backs. he urged his pacer DOUBLE JACK, and it looked like he was going to go right on by but the promising two year old RUSH OF FOOLS showed the Illinois racing fans why Hall Of Famer Dave Magee had went over to drive him on a Thursday night at Maywood Park as he prevailed in a very quick 155 2/5. Rounding out the field was DOUBLE JACK.TEXAS PLAYBOY, FRONTIER GENERAL, GENCOR’S ZTAM, JITTERBUG JACK and one of last weeks first round winner FOX VALLEY NIPPER in a very competitive field of seven pacers. 


In the third division YIANNOULAS BOY (M. Miller/ B. Phillips) who was a first round winner, was unlucky to draw post eight in a division that had allot of twist and turns to it as there were some new comers to the series.  FREE JACK (B. Smolin/M. Schulfer). And MASTER JEEVES (T.Buter/ J. Meade) were the newcomers to the series while, DRAMA PARTY (M. Oosting/ G. Kreischer) was a newcomer to his owner/trainers barn. Incredible AL (R. Dane Jr/ D. Brown) and PHRANQUE (S. Widger/N. Willis) were both second respectively in there first round tries, while AJ’S DELIGHT (J.Sutton/J. Durante III) caught a very strong winner to finish a hard trying third in his first round. Rounding out the field was the long shot DIMITRI ONE (T.Winemiller/ J. May) which added to the twist and turns to this division.


Now if there wasn’t enough twist for the gamblers their was another one when PHRANQUE was scratched when the track vet said he was lame. So that gave the gamblers less then two minutes to change their minds but at the end most of them went to the new Kreischer trainee DRAMA PARTY as he went sent off at 4/5.   


Just like round one INCREDIBLE AL left hard to get to the early lead and race by an opening quarter in 28 4/5 but this time he elected to take a two hole trip by the newcomer MASTER JEEVES who quarter moved. They raced past the half in 58 2/5 but the public’s choice DRAMA PARTY with Mike Oosting were out and moving first over going after the lead as the 33 to 1 long shot AJ’S DELIGHT with Josh Sutton was drafting, and getting a second over golden trip. When they reached the three quarters in 127 2/5 DRAMA PARTY had overpowered MASTER JEEVES while INCFREDIBLE AL was getting shuffled and AJ’S DELIGHT was working up a stretch rally, in the mean time the other newcomer FREE JACK was twisting and turning trying to find some room for the stretch drive. YIANNOULAS BOY was third over now but with some work to do if he wanted to be a second round winner, the long shot DIMITRI ONE had received the ultimate shuffle and was looking for room. As they near the wire DRAMA PARTY drifted to the center of the track but was able to hold on by one length in 156 over the long shot AJ’S DELIGHT while FREE JACK was an unlucky third on his first appearance in the series.  Completing the field was YIANNOULAS BOY, INCREDIBLE AL, DIMITRI ONE and MASTER JEEVES. 


In the fourth division it had INCREDIBLE RAIN (M. Miller/E Miller) the powerful winner of round one but it also had another first round winner in ONE CHASER (M.Oosting/ G. Kreischer) who also joined his trainers barn after being privately purchased last week from Stanley Miller. The only newcomer in the series was RT SUPER STAR (S.Widger/ N.Willis) the rest of them all had raced in round one. Finishing third in their first round tries were ODDS ON EMANUEL (G.Rath/G.Rath) and THIS IS YOUR NIGHT (L. Miller/B.Wilfong) while finishing fourth were both COMMERICIAL GRADE (T. Buter/ R. Phillips) and FROSTONPUNKIN (De.Magee/De Magee).  The other two RICH N SPORTY (T. Buter/ F.Elmore) and EMILIO (T.Winemiller/J.May) both had tough luck in the first round while finishing fifth and sixth.


From the inside driver Gary Rath left with his charge ODDS ON EMANUEL to hold inside position as the “LOCK OF THE NIGHT” INCREDIBLE RAIN left to take control of the race as he raced past an opening quarter in 28 4/5 but just as they settled down the backside Leroy Miller was out and moving from fourth with THIS IS YOUR NIGHT. As pacers reached the half in 57 3/5 THIS IS YOUR NIGHT had control of the race while the newcomer RT SUPER STAR was flushed first over by round one winner ONE CHASER and his new pilot Mike Oosting. Locked in fourth was the other first round winner INCREDIBLE RAIN and working a third over trip were Dean Magee with  FROSTONPUNKIN the colt he trains and drives for himself  as they were positioning themselves for a stretch rally. As they pasted three quarters in 127 3/5  THIS IS YOUR NIGHT  was still one length in front of the field with less then a quarter to go but he had to deal with the on coming power of ONE CHASER as they raced to the finish.  Fighting gamely all the way to the wire was THIS IS YOU NIGHT but prevailing by a half length was ONE CHASER in 156 1/5  rounding out the field were FROSTONPUKIND, INCREDIBLE RAIN, RT SUPER STAR,ODDS ON EMANUEL,COMMERICIAL GRADE RICH N SPORTY, and EMILIO. 


Making ONE CHASER the only two time winner in the INCREDIBLE FINALE SERIES. Round three continues next week.